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Lek Nazi Firearms Instructor

Lek Nazi is a Senior Firearms Instructor with more than 35 years of experience in law enforcement, firearms range training, and educational curriculum development.

His training has included certification programs provided by the NYS Department of Criminal Justice, FBI, DEA, Smith and Wesson Academy, and the New York State Police. Having served as the Lead Instructor for the Dutchess County Sherriff’s Office, Zone 14 Police Academy, and Dutchess County Jail Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT), Lek is able to draw on his knowledge and experience to provide effective training programs based on real world scenarios. Lek retired from the Dutchess County Sherriff’s Office in 2015 and currently serves as a Police Officer with the Catskill Police Department.

Municipal Police Certification (May 2007)
Zone 14 Law Enforcement Academy

Certified First Responder (May 2007)
NYS Department of Health Bureau of Emergency Medical Services

Incident Command System (IS100),

Incident Management System (IS700) (May 2007)
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Instructor in General Topics
Certified NYS Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS)

Police Instructor Development School
Certified NYS Commission of Corrections Instructor Development School

Field Intelligence Officer
Certified NYS Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) Field Intelligence Officer

Instructor in Specialized Skills

M26 Advanced Taser & Taser X26 Instructor (Taser International)
NYS Fire Arms Instructor (FBI)
Defensive Tactics Instructor (NY State Police)
Physical Training Instructor (DCJS)
Security Guard Instructor (DCJS)
Instructor Evaluator (NYS)
PR24 Instructor (REB Security Services)
ASP Instructor (Expandable Police Baton)
Speed Cuffing Instructor (REB Security Services)
Less Lethal Shotgun Instructor (Beanbag, Flashbang,) (TJA)

Annual Certifications

Stun Devices (Handheld and Shield)
Chemical Agents (CS, OC)
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
First Aid
Suicide Prevention
Article 35: Use of Force

Education and Training

International SWAT Competition Team Leader Orlando, Florida

Certified Police Officer

Zone 14 Law Enforcement Academy

Incident Command System (ICS)
Federal Emergency Management Institute (FEMA)

Raids Tactics Levels I & II Smith & Wesson Academy

Advanced Tactical Training, Planning Entries, Tactical Shooting

Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Camp Smith

Fire Arms Instructor Training FBI, Camp Smith

Gang Intelligence, Joint Terrorism  Task Force (JTTF)  

Glock Armorer Certification Training


Expandable Straight Baton (ASP) Certification Training”; instructed 80 officers for ASP certification (February 2014)

"Physical Training Instructor/Defensive Tactics Instructor Train-the-Trainer Program"; served as lead instructor for multi-agency three week program, DCJS (November 2010)

Developed and implemented three day scenario based training program required for all staff responsible for inmate transport, Dutchess County Jail (May 2010)
Developed and implemented one day scenario based training program pilot for all staff responsible for inmate transport, Dutchess County Jail (May 2009)

“Gang Awareness in the School & Community”, Dutchess County Superintendent’s Conference (April 2008)
“Gang Awareness in the School & Community”, Hyde Park School District (December 2007)
“Recent Trends in Gang Activity for Hudson Valley, New York State, Nationwide, and Worldwide”, Fraternal Order of Police (October 2007)

Recognizing Gangs: Their Influence on the Community”, International Forum including Embassy representatives from Burma, Antigua, Trinidad and Tobago, St Lucia, Commonwealth of the Bahamas, Jamaica (March 2007)

Gang Trends and Identifications”, NY Corrections and Youth Services Association (CAYSA) (March 2006)

“Dignitary Protection Training”, Phoenix Security (June 2007)
“Security Guard Training and Certification”, Phoenix Security (June 2007)

“Close Quarter Combat (CQB)”, Multi-agency Training (May 2007)
“How to Avoid Being Abducted”, Teaching Outreach Prevention School (TOPS) sponsored by Catskill Police Department (May, 2006)

Other Topics Instructed

Tactical Handgun Shooting: Sub-gun, Shotgun
Entries: Slow-Methodical/Dynamic
Ballistic Shields
Hostage Rescue
Fugitive Tracking with Canine and SRT Formations
Defensive Tactics
PR24 and ASP Train the Trainer Instruction
Riot Shield Formations
Riot Control and Civil Disobedience
Cell Extractions
Restraint Chair
Less Lethal
Edge Weapons
Handgun Retention
Straight Baton
Scenario-based Training
Organized Crime and Gangs
SWAT Instruction, including Entries, Stair clearing, long hallway with multiple rooms, Advanced Fire Arms, Ballistic Shield
Felony Stops
Security for correctional facility
Transportation of Inmates
Crime Scene Preservation
Chain of Evidence
Hostage Survival
Techniques of Arrest

Mark Nazi Firearms Instructor

Mark Nazi is a full-time Police Officer with the Village of Catskill Police Department since 2009.



Initial Response to Active Shooter

FTO (Field Training Officer) 

Municipal Police Certification Zone 14 Law Enforcement Academy.


New York Sate Certified General Topics Instructor (DCJS)

Certified Firearms Instructor (NYSP), and is a NYS Certified Firearms Instructor. His training has included 3+ years employed as an operator in private security contracting specializing in dignitary protection and asset security. His training has included certification programs provided by the NYS Department of Criminal Justice, Tactical Training Institute, New York State Police.

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