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Brian M:"Hey guys, last year I took Pistol 101 and 102(I think), both were live fire. Loved the courses. I  just wanted to let you know what happened to me at a public indoor range.
A few weeks ago I was enjoying myself, having some fun, throwing lead. Unbeknownst to me, the RSO was watching me, and as I was reloading my magazines,  he came over and asked me where I learned my training,  I asked why before I answered, he said that the way I was handling my pistol, from dropping empty magazines, inserting the new ones,  to racking using my whole hand(versus using my finger tips only as he said too many people do it that way) was a sign that I have been trained properly and have been handing pistols for a long time(actually only a year or so). I proudly said Double Eagle Tactical Training in Greene County.
I just wanted to thank you for making me look like a pro. I look forward to more classes this year.
Feel free to use any or all of this on your website and/or Facebook page. I only ask that you leave my name off of it. Hope to see you in class again soon.
Thanks again!!"

Phil: I’ve had the privilege of training at many different firearms facilities around the country, and my experience with Double Eagle Tactical definitely ranks among best I’ve ever had. Mark and Lek certainly know what they’re doing, and convey their lessons in a laid-back, easy-to-understand manner. I highly recommend their classes for anyone wishing to handle their firearm better.

James: Huge thanks to Lek and Mark. Excellent Basic Live Fire course. This course exceeded all of my expectations. They made it fun and informative in a safe and structured environment. As with many of the other classmates, I would definitely be interested in a fall 101 class. Thanks again for a great afternoon on the range.

Rick: Do Not..I replete Do Not!. Go anywhere else but Double Eagle. Instructors Mark and Lek were great right from the start! and they really wanted to help you learn while at the same time made it fun.I learned a lot. Thank You Guy's

Caitlin: Excellent curriculum! I've completed two of their classes so far, and I am eager to take more. The instructors are very knowledgeable with how they train. They maintain a very professional level, however, they are also very personable. Classes are done at a nice pace and they will go over any insecurities you may have with your firearm. I would definitely recommend this to any first time (basic course) applicant as well as anyone who likes advance tactics.

Dawn: I took the concealed carry live fire course on Saturday 9/17 and was really happy with how informative the class was. Lek and Mark Nazi are highly trained instr...uctors who bring a wealth of real life experiences necessary to answer any and all questions we had. A definite must for anyone that plans on concealed carry or even those that currently do, I highly recommend Double Eagle Tactical Training.

Charles: What an awesome class and incredible instructors looking forward to taking more classes . What an asset to have in Greene county

Ashley: I took the concealed carry live fire course on Saturday 10/1. I was ...really happy with how informative the class was and had a great time. Lek and Mark Nazi are highly trained instructors who provide you with a wealth of real life experiences and knowledge. I highly recommend Double Eagle Tactical Training.

Vicky: Took the Live Fire Handgun Course on 10/1 and Highly recommend this everyone. Learned a lot about gun safety and shot over 200 rounds of ammunition. Mark Nazi and Lek Nazi are very knowledgeable and have a wealth of real life experiences that make this a great class. This is the next step after taking the Basic Pistol Course to get your Conceal Carry. I had a great time and learned a lot. Looking forward to taking more classes. Thanks again Double Eagle Tactical Training!

Thank you to all of our patrons!

See you on the range!

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