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Double Eagle Tactical is pleased to present their permit carrying students with a competitive course to put their skills to the test! The course incorporates many elements including timed shooting, gun safety, and proper tactics. This isn't just your average run and gun competition, if proper tactics are not applied, time will be added to your total score.  Courses become progressively challenging as you go through the day. Competitors get two chances to complete each course with their best time being recorded.

This is a day filled with safe and competitive shooting. The winner will be awarded with the coveted Double Eagle Tactical trophy and invited back the following class to defend their title.

This is a pistol based competition, please bring:

  • A pistol that appears on your permit (for out of State permits, simply contact us ahead of time)

  • At least 3 working magazines

  • A working holster

  • Magazine pouch or carrier

  • 500 rounds of ammunition

  • Ear and eye protection

Keep in mind, that this is a dynamic course day so a good, comfortable holster will be your best bet!

Cost: $100 per student (Defending Champion competes free of charge)

Note: Previously held competitions allowed for 11 stages of shooting with each shooter going twice and keeping their best score



Congratulations to Sean Martin who is STILL our reigning champ!

Check out first hand our Champion running the course!

September 2020 Comp

September 2020 Comp

Thank you to all our competitors, great effort by all - BUT, THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!

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